The Sambado Family Legacy

Early History

In the 1920′s, Alex Sambado, an Italian immigrant, owned a corner grocery store in a San Francisco neighborhood. In the mid-1940′s, at the age of 47, Alex decided on a major career change. He moved to the California countryside and founded a small cherry and walnut ranch in Linden, California a farming community in the fertile Northern San Joaquin Valley. This, he thought, is where my family will plant its roots for a better life.

Blessed with rich soil, plenty of water, warm days and cool nights, the ranch grew. Alex, and eventually his son Lawrence, built a reputation for growing and selling quality produce.

By the early 1980′s, A. Sambado & Son had become a ranch packer of cherries, apples and walnuts. Lawrence and wife, Beverly, then decided to transform the ranch operations to grow, pack and distribute premium produce to all markets. He initiated the construction of new, state of the art, packing facilities.

Expanding the Family Business

The stage was now set for Lawrence’s two sons, Tim and Rich, to join the family business.  Both sons returned after college with a focus on product quality and customer service.  The result was an expansion of the family business into a wide variety of domestic and international markets.  Today three family generations work together.